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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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d, you know, start clean energy initiatives, reform immigration. but republicans have their on ideas. president obama is putting improving the economy front and center in his state of the union address. >> if you work hard and everybody gets a fair shot and shake, everybody plays by the same set of rules, and if we did that together, our nation will be stronger. >> reporter: the president is giving the annual speech before congress and the american people with unemployment hovering around 8%. drastic cuts in domestic programs and military spending are also getting ready to sock the economy if the president and congress can't reach a deal to stop them. >> first thing many of us will be listening for tonight is the president's plan for controlling spending and replacing the obama sequester. >> reporter: the president will make room in his speech to address north korea's nuclear test and plans to announce that 34,000 u.s. troops will be home from afghanistan by this time
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next year. president obama is also expected to speak about new gun laws. with many victims of gun violence in the chamber, some of those victims stood at a senate hearing earlier today and will join their lawmakers as guests tonight. but many lawmakers remain opposed to laws banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> in my view, stripping the constitutional rights of law- abiding citizens does nothing to prevent criminals from carrying out violent crimes. >> reporter: with congress so divided, the president will hit the road after his speech to take his agenda to the american people. and he is going to be heading to asheville, north carolina, also atlanta and chicago. the logic there is it's a white house strategy for the president to try to gain public support outside of the capital instead of inside. >> all right, susan. it's a little different this year. can you tell us why there will
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be two republican responses? >> reporter: yes. there will be a response of course from senator marco rubio of florida. he gives the official gop response. this is a very big vote of confidence in him to be the face of the republican party for this. and then also there's going to be a tea party response so a second response although this one is going to be unofficial. senator rand paul of kentucky will give that one. this was done last year and the year before. it was herman cain last year, presidential candidate. the year before that was former congresswoman michele bachmann. >> okay, susan mcginnis live for us in washington, d.c., thank you. kpix 5 will air the address this evening at 6 p.m. followed a special edition of kpix 5 news at 7:30. the senate armed services committee is meeting right now getting ready to vote on chuck hagel president obama's nominee for secretary of defense. the former senator from nebraska is a republican but he has been criticized by members of his own party for comments he made on israel as well as
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his past opposition of sanctions against iran. if the economy approves him, his nomination would then need a full senate vote. condemnationof thnuclear test by north korea. china summoned north korea's ambassador for objection. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: diplomats arrived at the united nations for a closed-door emergency meeting. they are discussing how to respond to north korea's announcement that it has tested another nuclear bomb. it happenedatunderground lity last night. the type of device has not been confirmed. u.s. officials say there are indications that northa is planning to test another bomb knowing that a punishment from the u.n. is coming. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice condemns the test. >> the actions korea are a threat to regional and national peace and security and they are not acceptable. they will not be tolerated.
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and they will be met with north korea's increasing isolation. >> reporter: in december, north korea successfully launched a long-range ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. members of the united nations security council are hoping china will be willing to take action against its ally for violating the ban against nuclear activity. south koreans staged angry protests calling on international powers to destroy the north korea's nuclear facilities. japan's prime minister asked u.s. ambassador john roos to help with new sanctions against north korea. the ambassador promised the u.s. will honor its defense commitment to its allies in asia. north korea has warned the u.s. not to interfere. ines ferre, cbs news, the united nations. today the vatican acknowledged that the pope had surgery three months ago to replace a battery in his pacemaker. he is going to resign this month and move to a monastery
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at the vatican gardens. the resignation is not due to any illness specifically. the pope will have no role to choose his successor. for centuries cardinals picked a priest from europe. but now they are interest all around the world include canada, ghana and nigeria. today a cardinal from ghana said the time is right for a pontiff from a developing country. l.a. police are investigating 1,000 tips for a search for a fired officer they say is out for revenge and are also examining security video from a sporting goods store in torrence taken two days before a double murder. they are still not sure if the man buying scuba equipment in the video is the mur suspect christopher dorner. an affidavit for an arrest warrant gives u.s. marshals the power to extradite him citing possible cause that dorner is headed to mexico to avoid prosecution here in the states. authorities did find dorner's wallet and id card near the san
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ysidro point of entry to mexico. police in vallejo want to know who shot five people killing one. the victim who died was one of two men found in a garage at a home on humboldt and eastwood streets about 8:30 last night. and about the same time, a man and two women showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds. they drove themselves to the sutter solano medical center. police say all five were hit in the same incident possibly a drive-by shooting. dozens of firefighters tackled an apartment fire in concord this morning. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us why investigators think a fireplace was to blame. >> reporter: a scary way to wake up for a woman and two daughters, among six families rescued by firefighters when the neighbor's unit went up in flames. >> i opened my door. we live on the second floor and saw this huge fire right in front of us. >> reporter: the two alarm fire started just before 7:00 in an
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upstairs apartment on tioga street in concord. flames burned to the downstairs unit up to the attic. you can see the entire roof is missing. firefighters say the woman who lives here was just trying to stay warm on a chilly morning. >> this is a gas fireplace. she had issues friday night, shut it down, tried to restart it this morning because of the cold weather and the fire ignited possibly into the walls behind the fireplace. >> reporter: nobody was hurt and the flames were contained to two apartments. it's not over for residents like clark who can't go home. power was shut off for safety. >> no water, no power so far. talking about for a couple of days. >> reporter: where are you going to go? >> i don't know. >> reporter: a total of 6 families have been displaced. the battalion chief says the water and power may be off for a couple of days so the red cross is assisting the families finding them a place to stay. in concord, elissa harrington, kpix 5. a crippled cruise ship finally on the move from
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sleeping on deck to scrounging for food. the filthy conditions passengers are enduring. >> fat tuesday is in new orleans, people here are celebrating. i'm vinita nair with that story coming up. >> we're live out here with our mobile weather lab at leonard elementary school. what do you guys think about the weather? >> we love the weather! >> i do, too! it's only going to get better. we'll have more when we come back.
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of mexico, where a second tugboat has reached a disabled cruise ship. an engine on the 'carnival triumph' caught fire sunday. that knocked a second tugboat in the gulf of mexico has reached a disabled cruise ship. an engine on the carnival cruise ship knocked out power on sunday. passengers say rooms and hallways are flooded with
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sewage. many dragged their mattresses outside to escape the stench. the boat is expected to reach mobile, alabama on thursday. but not soon enough for those people. >> no kidding. petaluma bar pilot whose container ship struck the bay bridge in 2007 is suing to get his license back. a federal investigation said john cota failed to disclose he was on prescription medications which may have been a factor in the crash. the accident spilled 53,000 gallons of oil, killing almost 7,000 birds. a maritime safety group may adopt new rules on thursday limiting ships in sailing under the -- from sailing under the bay bridge in fog. this follows an accident last month when a tanker called the overseas reymar struck the base of the tower. a group with the harbor safety committee recommends barring ships from sailing north under the beige bridge when visibility is a half mile or less -- the bay bridge when visibility is a half mile or less. the countdown to the opening of the new bay bridge
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span is on. kpix 5 is the official television station for the opening ceremonies in september. 202 days and counting until opening. tonight tune in to spanning the future, the new bay bridge. ken bastida and a team of reporters look ahead to the labor day closure and the grand opening plans. the prime time half-hour special starts at 10:30 tonight right here on kpix 5. and now let's go live out to new orleans where, of course, it is mardi gras. people started the celebration early, this of course is bourbon street and it's packed. >> a little homesick? >> a little bit. >> not even the threat of ran can stop a party that is expected to go all night. cbs news reporter vinita nair is the big easy. >> reporter: the first mardi gras parade started first thing in the morning. thousands came out to see the zulu parade. about 50 colorful elaborate floats traveled down saint charles avenue.
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the mayor of new orleans showed up on horseback, a few rain showers didn't stop people from all walks of life from coming out including the archbishop. >> even if it rains on mardi gras day in new orleans, we still celebrate. it's still a great day for mardi gras. >> reporter: a packed bourbon street started celebrating early. all four generations of one family comes every year. >> early in the day i would describe it as family fun. as it gets a little later then it's more adult fun. >> reporter: which is better? >> for me it's family. >> reporter: there are plenty of stories about the origins of dressing up in costume for mardi gras. the one most people here seem to believe is that they are more uninhibited if no one knows who you are. >> you have to do a costume. if you're not in costume, you're the weird one. >> i always wanted to get married and i figured why wait for the groom? i'm just going to wear the dress. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the indulgences of fat tuesday are the last hurrah before ash wednesday. >> runaway bride. >> reporter: most people are in a hurry to celebrate.
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vinita nair, cbs news, new orleans. >> spending some time out there it certainly is fun. someone else who is celebrating, lawrence karnow. >> he sure is. he has been showing off the kpix 5 mobile weather lab to the students at the leonard flynn elementary school. professor karnow, they have rolled out the red carpet, guys. it's a great time at leonard flynn elementary school. we are having a good time learning about the weather. is that not right, natasha? >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> natasha what kind of temperatures are we looking at? >> 60.1 fahrenheit. >> 60.1 degrees fahrenheit. that's right. so it's looking like a nice day. what do you think, do we have much wind? >> not really. >> not so much wind. that means we're working on a very nice day around the bay area. we have been talking about nice weather, we have been talking about high and low pressure.
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we have been talking about big words like cumulonimbus and now we even know the definition. i wanted to introduce you to a nice gentleman richard herron who helped put this together. what do you think about our mobile weather lab? >> i think it's fantastic. it's a great educational experience for young people learning how to tell weather. and future weathercasters. >> reporter: yes. and people are learning all about it. i got fascinated with weather when i was in elementary school and there's no reason other people can't be fascinated even if they don't want a career in it. the weather is interesting and it's been a great time learning about that today. what do you think, do you like the weather today? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> ramad. >> it is a gorgeous day. do you like rain, too? >> yes. >> what you i do think about the rain. it's nice and it waters plants. >> absolutely. keeps everything nice and green just the way we like it. but unfortunately right now, we're going to be soaking up the sunshine and no raindrops. it is nice and dry around the bay area.
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hype pressure just holding on right now. and it looks like it's going to stick around. this is a big dominant ridge that has moved along the west coast now. and it looks like it's going to be around here to come. so yeah, it looks like the temperatures are going to be running above the average mild numbers even in toward the end of the week. outside right now, we do have some very nice numbers, too. temperatures just beginning to heat up in many spots into the 50s. as you have seen here already moving up into the low 60s but looks like we'll have sunshine through the next few days. as the reg builds in we'll see an offshore wind developing, and temperatures will be something else. [ signal breakup ] as we head in toward the latter part of the week. with that in mind we have some great weather ahead as high pressure takes over. no threat of any rainfall. that is staying well to the north following the jet stream. so we are going to keep things very dry it looks like for the next five to seven days. the temperatures are going to be very hot outside in many spots well above the average but i want to thank everybody here at the school. they have been fantastic. they have rolled out the red
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carpet for me. thank you very much, leonard flynn elementary school. we are going to be taking this mobile weather lab to a school near you and i would like to see everybody else learn all about the weather. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you in the studio. >> all right. lawrence, thank you. i don't know, lawrence may have to worry, those students could take his job. >> they're pretty good. if you would like lawrence and the kpix 5 mobile weather lab to visit your school, head to our website, and coming up, just two days until valentine's day. how a soulmate can make your heart in sync. that and much more coming up.
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end with your hearts in sync? the answer is yes thats according to some u-c davis researchers. they have the scientific proo does finding you will soulmate end with your hearts in sync? yes, according to some uc-davis researchers. they have the proof to back it up. they studied 32 couples looking at heartbeats and other biofeedback and they found similarities in the heart and breathing rythyms of the couples. >> you don't have to be engaged in a conversation to have these links show up. >> cute. the scientists are going to continue their research and see if the couples' similar patterns can have any health benefits. >> interesting. >> when you're in love, you're in love. >> no kidding. forget healthy for a day. >> just in time for fat tuesday, kpix 5's tony tantillo
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and his daughter stephanie are kicking things up a notch in the kitchen with a cajun dish. >> what are we making? >> this is one of my favorite dishes, red beans and rice from louisiana. what we have in here, we have rice obviously, kid if i beans, multicolored peppers. >> and a little moisture, a little bit of water to add stock to it, if you want. just to get that rice nice and plump. and, of course, andouille sausage a lot of times you buy it already cook, just need to heat it up. >> you add some red peppers on here. >> make it spicy. >> looks beautiful. >> then we have cajun spices which i mean i really like cajun spices so when you're making a cajun dish you have to go nuts with it. don't be shy. mix it all in. >> how about some pepper? >> yes, black pepper, too. so many herbs and so many spices. >> it's so easy to make like you said. just put the ingredients n you can cook them all together if you want and then put the rice
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in precooked afterwards, plump, parsley, no olive oil. you got me on that one. beautiful. let's go to new orleans. >> okay. >> why not. ciao, everybody. let's eat. very appropriate for mardi gras. >> fat tuesday. >> coming up next, talk about a stowaway. how this great horned owl with the great eyes ended up in the grill of a car. coming up.
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we go inside horse auctions... to find out how often horses go o slaughter... and w at 5:00 a kpix 5 five undercover exclusive. we go inside horse auctions to find out how often horses go overseas to slaughter and we take you on one group's mission to save them. check this out. a woman in florida hits a owl while driving and thinks she killed it but nosiree until she arrived at her destination, look what she found. there he is. the owl got stuck in her truck grill. she called fish & game and they freed it. the officers say the great horned owl appears to be in good shape. no injuries. the eyes are amazing. >> just great. thanks for watching the news at noon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> eric: well, uh... where did that come from? >> taylor: if you did that out of pity... >> eric: no, why would i pity you? >> taylor: because you know i've been going through a difficult time and it would be just like
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the sensitive, caring man you are to kiss me and reach out to me, to comfort me, and i don't want to misinterpret that. >> eric: i wouldn't kiss you if i didn't want to. >> taylor: to be fair, it's debatable who kissed whom. >> eric: yeah, well, either way it was terrific. it was wonderful. i hope you feel the same way. >> taylor: i do. >> liam: so, what's the status on that mobile app update? >> tech says it'll be ready tomorrow. >> liam: okay, stay on them about that, 'cause i want that ready as soon as possible, but without any bugs. what else? >> the final edit on the "are newspapers still relevant?" piece is ready to view. >> liam: what's the verdict? >> they're making a comeback. >> liam: okay, this is good. it's good news for th


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